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West Haven I Nursing and Rehabilitation
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West Haven I Nursing and Rehabilitation

Why Choose Us

West Haven Center offers a robust roster of care options tailored to the needs of each individual patient. From short term-rehabilitation to long-term skilled nursing and everything in between, patients are treated with the dedication and high level of care that West Haven Center is rightly known for. The highly-regarded professional staff at West Haven Center ensures that each patient receives all the treatment they may require on their road to recovery.

Through our specialty clinical programs and world-class amenities, we see to it that our patients heal in health and happiness until they are ready to return home.

Making the right decision in choosing a skilled nursing and rehab facility for a loved one, isn’t easy.

You have a choice.

We hope you choose us and we promise to do right by you!

Let us treat your loved ones like family.

Contact us today to arrange free consultation for you or your loved one. Our admissions team is standing by and ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I came to West Haven Center suffering from a fractured right hip and right shoulder. Because I lived independently in the community I was unable to return to my apartment. Upon admission, I had limited mobility and required a higher level of support. While I was at West Haven Center I received physical therapy and occupational therapy from the therapy department and they helped me excel in my recovery. Social services assisted me in paying bills and maintaining my apartment in the community, which upon completion of my successful therapy, I returned home to. I was set up with home health to assisted me with adjusting to my home in the community which allowed me to have a successful reintegration. With Deep Gratitude.

- Pamela K.

I came to West Haven Center after having had a stroke and was completely dependent on care. I had my own apartment in the community which I was unable to return to at the time due to my poor mobility and limited speech. While at West Haven Center I received physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy and improved drastically. I communicated clearly with staff, encouraged others and stayed positive about my own condition. Eventually I was able to use a wheelchair and move independently within the facility. Working with the social service team, I was able to return home with the assistance of home health, rent assistance, meals on wheels and the support of my family members.

- Eva D.

I came to West Haven Center with a fracture in my right leg after a hit and run incident that left me unable to provide adequate care for myself. The physical therapy and occupational therapy I received, and the extra support from their rehab department, helped me make strides in the healing process. Social services worked extensively with agencies in the community to secure safe and more appropriate housing for me. After a short stay with West Haven Center I was able to give up my previously unsafe apartment and secure a new independent apartment.

- William D.

I came to West Haven Center after suffering from gunshot wounds in my abdomen. I previously resided independently in the community. After working extensively with your wound care nurse, my wound closed. Social Services assisted me with returning home to my apartment in the community, after only a short stay at West Haven Center. Thank you.

- Steven S.